X-Treme Air PAC League

X-Treme Air PAC League – Chase to the Championship

Each PAC will be hosting their own X-Treme Air League that will provide additional titling opportunities outside of our Fair & PAC Series of competitions for our competitors along with a fun competitive league this season. We piloted this is Canada and are now bringing it to all locations.

How it works – Each jump will be remotely judged with XAD’s official electronic measuring system as per our virtual titling requirements with the local PAC representative issuing an unofficial score by eye. The official scores remain a secret until they get posted after the completion of each round. A team can jump as little or as many times they want during each round of competition with each jump costing them $10. Each round of competition runs from Monday to Sunday with the official scores being posted within 48 hours of the completion of that round. TopDog Points will be awarded for the teams’ best jump in the round and accumulated throughout the duration of the league.

If you are interested in starting your own league!!! Contact Aaron Today!!!

Aaron Grant | Canadian PAC Manager
aaron.grant@x-tremeairdogs.com | 780-723-1627