Anyone with a Dog and a Ball can compete from first timers to seasoned pros!  This a competitive K-9 Dock Diving national championship series that combines first time competitors with our elite “Rock Star” K-9 handler teams in 5 divisions and 4 sports! The first round starts in June and the National Championship Finals finishes on Labor Day, the first weekend of September. Each round of the series (Venue host) is a qualifier for the national finals in September where we will crown a series point’s champion and a national champion.

What is the sport?
X-Treme Air
 is a team dock jumping sport. Teams are made up of one dog and one handler. In the X-Treme Air event, handlers are allowed to throw a single, float-able toy into the water for their dog to chase. Each dog will have 2 attempts per wave and can enter as many waves as they like. To make the finals for the Pros we take the top 12 jumpers and the top 6 jumpers of the 4 lower divisions of the competition. Dogs can use the entire area of the 6ft high 40-foot dock before jumping into the water. Dogs are then electronically judged on their distance from the edge of the dock to where the base of their tail enters the water. First time jumpers are encouraged to participate. Teams are divided up into several divisions, from the little jumpers to the Pros. Winners from each division will take home a prize…and bragging rights, maybe even a National Championship!

IMG_0798X-Treme Hi-Jump is a team high jump off the dock. Teams are made up of one dog and one handler. In the X-Treme Hi-Jump event, a special bumper (toy) is suspended eight feet away from the end of the dock at varying heights. Each dog/handler team chooses a starting height, The semi-pro division for dogs jumping 5’11” and below and pro division for dogs jumping 6’0” and higher. Each dog will have 2 attempts at each height to grab or knock the bumper off the apparatus. If the dog makes the grab, they move on to the next height. If they do not make a grab in two attempts, then their score is the last height that they grabbed or knocked off.

X-treme Retrieve is a team dock sport. The team is made up of one dog and one handler. Each team will have 2 attempts at a time for the retrieve. The dog starts behind the 21-foot line on the dock. At the designated time, the handler releases the dog to retrieve the bumper that is suspended not more than 4 inches above the water at the opposite end of the pool. The time starts when the dog crosses the 21-foot mark on the dock, the dog runs down the dock, jumps into the water, swims and retrieves the bumper, turns around and swims back to the dock. The time stops when the dog reaches the specified electronic finish line in the pool, before reaching the on ramp to the dock.

givetryGive it a Try™ is our own program for new, youths and local dogs jumpers who want to try dock jumping for the first time. We have a second smaller pool, shorter and lower dock for newcomers to get used to jumping into a pool. It gives every handler and dog team that wants to try a better chance to jump. What a great way to have fun and give a dog a job.

X-Treme K-9 is the top dog in points of all sports (X-Treme Air, X-Treme Hi-Jump , X-Treme Retrieve) for said event.

The Series Championships is high-energy family fun with an ESPN look where anyone can compete in one of 5 divisions or our new Give It a Try program for first timers! The x-Treme AirDogs National Championship Series is a multi-round series with the championship finals round to be hosted by a venue TBA! Preliminary semifinal competition starts on the first day of the event with the finals of all 5 divisions on the last afternoon of the event! Rock Out in “Dog Town” with our fans where each dog for each jump gets a favorite high-energy classic rock or new country song! We experience standing room only crowds all during our series!