XAD Yearly Memberships
Members save $5 off each water sport entry and are eligible for selection to the DockSTAR’s Team and the ProTOUR Team. A handler must be a member to participate in the X-Treme Air PAC League,  Members only closed competitions, our championships and for inclusion in other invite only demos, events and functions.

$45 individual with competitor id | $30 individual w/o competitor id
$75 family with competitor id | $50 family w/o competitor id

Our Competitor ID (Handler) is a one time fee!!
Competitor ID is a one-time fee of $20. Once registered a plastic card will be issued to the handler as their ID for future event entry and discounts.  This ID number card will be your permanent XAD competitor credential used for all XAD events.

In addition to the Competitor ID each Canine will also have their own unique 4 digit ID. Together with the competitor ID this will be your Team ID and allows for better team, handler and canine tracking of entries and results.

All handlers and dogs must have a competitor ID to compete. To qualify for XAD’s worlds and special invite only DockStar events you must be an active member in good standing. Handlers will each have an assigned number according to the year they started competing and were registered with XAD.

i.e   Micheal Allen  0001, Kris Allen 0002, Kate Callaway 0003, Justin Allen 0004

Each Dog will also be issued a 4 digit ID and together this is your TEAM’s ID. Results will be recorded and posted after every event!